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Elevate your sleep & mornings with THL SLEEP blue light blocking glasses and forget about tired days.
Scientifically proven natural sleep aid solution (1,2,3,4,5).👨‍🔬
💤 Enjoy quality sleep: Shield against blue light to support your natural melatonin production.
😀 Wake up more refreshed: Support your circadian rhythm so you can wake up more easily.
😌 Stop migraines: Help reduce harsh light which is a common migraine-trigger.
🕶️ Look stylish: Crafted with a premium design and materials to be worn for years to come.
Satisfaction guarantee
Satisfaction guarantee
Designed in Sweden
Designed in Sweden

How does it work?

Imagine enjoying the luxury of uninterrupted, high-quality sleep. Our glasses are engineered to filter out the disruptive blue light emitted by screens, allowing your body to naturally produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. This results in truly restorative sleep, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

Lens performance

Scientific references

When to wear?

For the best results, put the glasses on 45 to 60 minutes before bedtime, and make sure to turn the lights off before you put them on the bedside table. The blue-light-blocking effect will get reduced if unfiltered light reaches your eyes.

Consider setting a reminder on your phone to remember to put them on every night.

24-Month Warranty

All of our products are covered by a 24–month limited warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. If any parts are defective when delivered, and it's our fault, we will replace your product for free.

Product Qualities

Ultimate blue light protection
BLSE™ Tech for 97.0% blue-light blockage, nurturing restful sleep and crystal-clear vision.

Lenses redefined: unmatched clarity
Advanced nylon lenses outshine alternatives, delivering supreme scratch resistance and clarity.

Elegance in every frame
Experience perfection in fit with a full stainless steel frame, partnered with stainless steel spring hinges.

Sustainability & quality combined
Premium, planet-friendly materials ensure longevity and hypoallergenic comfort.

Precision perfected: glare-free
Double-sided anti-reflective coatings enhance lenses' excellence for uncompromising vision.

Shipping & Returns

Please refer to Amazon's shipping and returns policy. 

Model number: BLBM42
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blue light blocking glasses sleep better

Sleep well every night

Discover the key to a revitalizing sleep experience. Your luxury blue light blocking glasses promote your natural melatonin production, for deeper and overall better quality sleep.

aviators orange blue light blockers for better sleep and anti eyes strain migraine glasses

Wake up with a smile

Regulate your body's internal clock with your new blue light glasses. Wake up effortlessly with a smile and full of energy from the moment you rise.

aviators orange blue blockers sleep glasses

Elevate your well-being in style

Your meticulously crafted blue light glasses combine style and performance, so you can sleep like a baby without sacrificing your looks.

advanced aviator blue light blockers

Inexpensive but high-end premium design

Discover your new blue light glasses made with passion for the ultimate quality – designed for optimal performance from beginning to end. 

Enjoy your THL SLEEP high-end blue blockers with a full stainless steel frame. This exclusive material is the choice of luxury brands