How did you sleep last night?

Your sleep could be affected by the harsh blue light from your TV, smartphone or computer screen.

Experience improved sleep quality by wearing your blue light glasses, designed to combat the negative effects of blue light emitted from screens.

Unlock your best sleep

Enhance Your Sleep with THL SLEEP Blue Light Glasses

THL SLEEP blue light glasses are a powerful tool to help you take your sleep to a totally new dimension.

Thanks to the premium blue light lenses, you do not have to worry about your sleep being ruined and can wake up more rested.

Discover the incredible benefits of THL SLEEP blue light glasses and wake up feeling more refreshed than ever before!



Best blue light glasses for sleep red blue light glasses
  • Super glasses

    "Seems like I sleep better as a result of wearing them from sundown."


  • Just amazing

    "The quality is impressive. I feel so relaxed before bed. I'm beyond thankful."


  • I truly believe these have reduced my insomnia!

    "I truly believe these have reduced my insomnia! I bought a second pair for a friend."


  • Great solution

    "I had a few days and already working a treat. Had to full nights sleep which is first time in years."


  • These are awesome!

    "They do exactly what they are supposed to do, they've made a huge difference in my life!"


  • Great Blue Blocker Reading Glasses

    "...Very comfortable to wear. And best of all, I am sleeping better."


  • Awesome

    "Best blue blocking glasses! We wear them every night, and the night I didn’t Wear them it took an hour to fall asleep. We love these"


  • Wife loves them!

    "Very good set of glasses. Wife wears them every night just before she goes to bed..."


  • Perfect for Night Reading on Kindle

    "I use these every time I read in bed at night. Sometimes, I fall asleep mid paragraph. These are a must have for a peaceful night's sleep."


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Advanced Digital Eyewear

Discover THL SLEEP High-End Blue Light Blockers

Block 99.5% of blue light with premium blue light glasses to safeguard your eyes. Forget blurry, low-quality lenses that cause strain and squinting.

THL SLEEP blue light glasses enable you to use your smartphone, laptop, or watch TV late at night without disturbing your sleep.


Protect Your Eyes

Glasses That Block Out Junk Light to Protect Your Eyes

THL SLEEP’s premium lenses block out 99.5% of all blue light – so you can rest assured that your eyes stay protected whatever you do.

Made of nylon and upgraded with anti-reflective coatings, they offer you crisp, HD quality vision without the glare and distortion that cheap plastic PC lenses have.

These incredible lenses help you to reduce high energy visible (HEV) light that can cause eye strain, migraines, or headaches.

Inexpensive but High-End Premium Design

Unparalleled Commitment to Craftsmanship and Your Comfort

Discover your new blue light glasses made with passion for the ultimate quality – designed for optimal performance from beginning to end. 

Enjoy high-end eyewear made the traditional way with cellulose acetate, offering robust quality like no other. This exclusive material is the choice of luxury brands. It is precisely machined and polished by hand.