Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

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In our modern world, we look at screens far longer than we have in history. We take for granted always being able to stay connected and get information quickly.

Read on to learn how blue light computer glasses work and how they can help in your daily life.

What are blue light glasses?

If you have ever felt like your eyes were dry after a long day of screen time, you’re not alone.  

As you may know, your smartphone, computer, and TV screen all emit high amounts of blue light from their LCD backlit screens.

This kind of high-energy visible (HEV) light can lead to eye strain and easily disturb your sleep. To limit the amount of blue light exposure, you can now get blue light glasses or computer glasses.

What are the benefits of blue light?

Blue light is totally natural, and this color of light floods into your eyes daily via full-spectrum sunlight.

It is the blue light that helps you wake up in the morning and keeps you alert and fully awake. This light is also essential for the body’s circadian rhythm as it sets the internal clock, setting the schedule for the time in bed.   

blue light blocking glasses red lens for sleep orange glasses

This is all done via specialized photoreceptors in the eyes constructed to react to blue light.

The dark side of digital blue light exposure

Too much blue light has been shown to have negative effects and cause symptoms such as eye strain, headache, sleep disturbances, and macular degeneration.

This makes it essential to manage and understand how to reduce the impact of daily blue light exposure.

1. Eye strain

Blue light is also called HEV light. Exactly as the name suggests, blue light rays have more energy than other visible light.

Do blue light glasses work for eye strain 

It is this energy peak that is one of the most common sources of digital eye strain when overexposed to blue light during the day. 

Tired, strained, and dry eyes are all symptoms that you may be suffering from due to digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

The good thing is that this can be easily relieved with a premium pair of computer glasses.

blue light blocking glasses for men and women with orange lens tint

2. Disturbed sleep

Do you often wake up unrested and have trouble falling asleep?

This can be a sign that you need to reduce your blue light exposure before bedtime.

When blue light hits your retinas at night, your body automatically lowers and delays your sleep hormone.

This can lead to a shorter time in essential deep sleep and making it harder to fall asleep.

In this case, you have to get blue-light-blocking glasses with orange-tinted lenses. This type of glasses filters out all the blue light rays and most green light. 

The best blue light glasses are so effective that you start feeling sleepy if worn during the day.

Pick up your pair of THL Sleep blue light glasses today and reduce your risk for sleepless nights.

Red lens blue light blocking glasses for sleep


Digital blue light exposure is a real source of eye strain, and the growth in the popularity of blue-light-blocking computer glasses is a natural reaction to relieve this issue.

To keep getting the best possible sleep, make sure to stop using all digital devices at least one hour before bedtime. 

If you want to continue working on your computer or watching TV, it is recommended that you use blue light glasses made for sleep improvement.

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Happy Deep Sleep, 

Oskar Eriksson, M.Sc.
The Sleep Engineer™

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