THL Sleep was founded by the Swedish entrepreneur Oskar Eriksson when looking for a solution for long-term sleep deprivation. During an intensive period of late-night work, he started to notice lowered sleep quality. After a time of research, he found studies that showed a direct correlation between blue light and sleep disturbances.

As an experienced mechanical engineer, he was determined to find a technical solution. After several prototypes and months of testing, a lens with outstanding performance and clarity was developed. Shortly thereafter, THL Sleep was started with a mission to help you sleep better naturally.

“THL Sleep was started with a mission to help you sleep better.“


Our mission is to educate about the benefits of blocking blue light for better sleep, helping as many people as possible to improve their life quality using our products and shared information.

We are determined to give maximal value to our customers, with the highest quality products at a good price point, together with world-class customer support. Join the movement and share your knowledge with people around you.

“Our mission is to support as many people as possible to improve their sleep.“


Our purpose-made premium blue-light-blocking glasses are made of the best materials available for eyewear, the same as used by well-known luxury brands. Our lenses have been specially developed for their specific purpose.

They have been carefully balanced to filter out all blue light and let through maximum amounts of safe light for a comfortable viewing experience. All our frames are made of hypoallergenic and renewable materials, such as acetate or stainless steel, to be used daily for many years to come.

“All of our products are custom-made for sleep improvement with the best materials available.“